The Internet of Things Privacy Forum is an international nonprofit think/do tank producing guidance, analysis, research and best practices for industry and government to reduce privacy risk by innovating responsibly in the domain of connected devices.

Discussion of IoT privacy challenges is inherently multidisciplinary — involving engineers, legislators, social sciences, regulators, security and usability experts. We recognize that the “Internet of Things” can be vague, so, broadly speaking, the Forum focuses on privacy issues in:

  • complete systems: connected cars, wearables, robots, TVs with voice commands, drones, virtual assistants, toys
  • technologies: computer vision, speech processing, microphones and sensors, authentication
  • contexts: smart home, smart city, retail, workplace, consumer devices, eHealth

We are a hub for critical thinking that embraces responsible innovation. Our vision is a world of connected devices where privacy values are preserved by a combination of ethical business practices, user-centered technical design, sound regulation, and a fundamental respect for citizen welfare.

We collaborate with organizations, researchers and members of government to think about privacy beyond legal and compliance conceptions.