We’re pleased to announce that Forum founder Gilad Rosner will chair the 6th IDM Europe conference in Frankfurt, on March 14th.

The day’s programme currently lists (in full here):

Where Next for Identity and e-Government in Europe?
User Experience as a Central Pillar of CIAM
Ensuring IAM Project Management Success
Overcoming the Weaknesses of Role-Based Access Control in a Scaling Enterprise
The vision of identity brokering for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Improving IAM Resilience: Identity and Access Management Breach Response
Practical Steps to Build on Password Security
Machine Learning to Manage Access Risks
Cloud Security and Access Management: Meeting the Challenges
Strategies to Secure and Manage Privileged Accounts
Securing Big Data with Identity Management
IAM meets GDPR: Finding the Right Balance Between Better Security and User Privacy
A Comparison of Authentication Protocols
Closing Keynote: The Future of Digital Identity

In addition, there will be 8 seminars running simultaneously before the lunch break (in full here):

  1. Detecting Malicious Inside Actors
  2. User Behaviour Analytics in Action
  3. Going Passwordless – Is Your Organisation Ready?
  4. Identity in the Cloud
  5. Meeting Global Privacy Regulations Through IAM
  6. Identity as a Driving Force for Digital Transformation
  7. Single Sign-On Success Stories
  8. Where Next for Multi Factor Authentication?

For any registration queries please contact [email protected]