Forum founder Gilad Rosner gave a presentation at American University, DC, on March 30th, 2018. The event, Governing the Internet of Things, was held by the AU’s Internet Governance Lab and Internet Society‘s DC chapter.

The Internet’s architecture and governance structures have been designed to enable innovation, global communication and the free flow of information, but the Internet of Things presents a new range of governance challenges. An Internet embedded in the material world creates new and increased concerns around privacy, security, and the possibility of physical harm to people and disruption of material infrastructure. To what extent do the Internet’s underlying architectural and governance principles need to evolve to address these risks? What is the outlook for security and privacy in the context of ubiquitous cyber-physical systems that range from cars to medical devices to home control systems? What forms of inequality and discrimination are emerging in this environment? This panel brings together stakeholders from industry, design communities, civil society and academia to address the transformation of Internet governance in the age of cyber-physical systems.

Dr. Rosner countered Adam Thierer’s defense of permissionless innovation with a strong case for the precautionary principle in regulation.

Watch the talk and Q&A:

All the video content from the event is viewable here.