The Human-Computer Interaction group at Sorbonne University (Paris) has 12 months of funding for a new postdoctoral role on Situated Analysis of Human-Machine Interactions in Smart Environments.

HCI Sorbonne works on human-computer interaction problems within the multidisciplinary Interaction team of the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) — currently part of the Pierre et Marie Curie University. In January 2018, a merger with the Paris-Sorbonne University will form the new Sorbonne University.

The new postdoc position will span computer science, psychology, design, and engineering:

This project involves studying how to best provide situated feedback to users of smart environments. The successful candidate will collaborate with other members from the ISIR laboratory and the COSTECH lab at UTC Compiègne working on haptics and sensory substitution to study how to best transform environmental sensor readings into haptic stimuli and how to distribute such readings across the visual and tactile senses (a second post-doc will be working on the questions related to vision). For this opening we are looking for a candidate with experience in haptic perception and interfaces and experimental study design.

To apply, send an e-mail to [email protected] with 1) a short statement of your interest, 2) a recent CV, 3) two references who can write letters of recommendation, and 4) if applicable, links to full texts of any HCI publications or projects you have worked on.