Two events exploring IoT issues are to be held consecutively in Bangkok, Thailand during 21-23 September 2017, in conjunction with the government-led Thai Digital Big Bang exhibitions.

The 21st and 22nd of September in the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center will see the 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Smart Cities and e-Government discuss

  • Digital Government​​
  • Smart Sustainable Cities
  • Digital Government and Services​
  • Digital Opportunities and Threats ​
  • Smart Sustainable Cities​​
  • Smart Societies and Innovative Businesses​

The 23rd of September in the same venue will see the new Annual IoT Asia Summit explore “IoT tech trends, critical policy issues and technological advancements … [determining] the effect they have on industry and consumers alike. Security, bridging the digital divide in rural Asia, connectivity, and the impact of IoT on industry provide the focus.” Key themes will include:

  • An overview of delivering a co-ordinated IoT strategy for the Asia-Pacific region
  • IoT Security Standards and Privacy Framework – Paving the way for consumer confidence
  • Fuelling the Internet of Things: Meeting the short and long-term connectivity requirements
  • Delivering an inclusive Internet of Things: Maximising the benefits of IoT for all
  • Connected Cars debate
  • The Rise of Industrial Internet of Things
  • Using IoT to bridge the digital divide

See the respective event homepage links for registration and further information.