The Federal Trade Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are hosting a free, public workshop on June 28 in Washington DC to examine the privacy and security issues posed by connected vehicles.

The press release states:

Automated vehicles, vehicles with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications technology, and other connected vehicles … can provide important benefits to consumers and have the potential to revolutionize motor vehicle safety. At the same time, these automated and connected vehicles are expected to generate an enormous amount of data, some of which will be personal and sensitive, such as real time precise geolocation data and the contents of driver communications that result when drivers connect their mobile phones to a vehicle’s computer system.

Industry representatives, consumer advocates, academics, and government regulators are invited to explore:

  • the types of data vehicles with wireless interfaces collect, store, transmit, and share;
  • potential benefits and challenges posed by such data collection;
  • the privacy and security practices of vehicle manufacturers;
  • the role of the FTC, NHTSA, and other government agencies regarding privacy and security issues related to connected vehicles; and
  • self-regulatory standards that might apply to privacy and security issues related to connected vehicles.

Details about attending are in the press release or and will be posted to the event page.