The Biosensing Workshop will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Designing Interactive Systems conference in mid-June 2017, and is calling for submissions of work in the following fields:

  • Self-tracking practices
  • Privacy and surveillance
  • Critical and speculative design
  • Infrastructure studies
  • Affective systems
  • Design for reflection

Workshop organizers have defined the subject matter as

Biosensing, by which we mean sensors measuring human physiological and behavioral data, is becoming pervasive throughout daily life: beyond wristwatches that measure heartrate and skin conductance, to clothing, furniture, cars, personal robots, ingestibles, virtual reality headsets, as well as visual and wireless sensors that can collect bodily data at a distance.

Biosensing brings with it new challenges (and opportunities) for the design of interactive systems, such as supporting social and emotional interpretations of biosensory data; implications for how people construct themselves and are constructed through data; and what privacy means in such contexts.

Relevant disciplines include design research, anthropology, STS, ethnographic studies, user studies, art practice, systems building, and critical or speculative design.

Submissions are due April 21st, and full details can be found on the workshop homepage.